Using face masks

Face Mask Guide

There is now almost no excuse for not wearing a face mask while out shopping in England – covering your face is as essential as remembering your cash or bank card.

The rules differ a little around the UK. But wherever you live, it’s going to be hard to avoid covering up your mouth and nose. And that raises a host of dilemmas.

How do I put it on correctly?

This is important to get right. The key things are to clean your hands before you put it on and take it off, and to make sure it fits snugly so there aren’t any gaps between the material and your face.


Of course if your mask doesn’t fit properly you can always adjust it, or tie it in a slightly more convenient way. But it needs to cover both your mouth and nose and also go up to the top of your nose, hooking behind your ears or the back of your head.

And remember, the idea is no gaps. Got it? You’re good to go.

Deciding on the right one

When buying your mask the first thing you need to decide is what sort you want. The government says surgical masks and respirators should be reserved for those who need them to protect against risks in their workplace, such as NHS staff and care workers.

But you can still buy non-medical disposable face coverings, reusable cloth coverings, or even items like scarves and bandanas.

If single-use coverings are what you’re after, you could head to a pharmacy – high street chains like Boots, Superdrug and Lloyds all sell them. And they’re available on online sites like Amazon.

Source BBC