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How to stay calm during the coronoavirus outbreak

The new strain of the coronavirus is now causing heightened anxiety worldwide. Here, Psychotherapist Liz Ritchie shares some advice on how to stay calm during

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Japan’s coronavirus infection rate could be ‘tip of the iceberg’

Concerns are growing in Japan that the number of coronavirus cases could be higher than reported, with experts questioning the country’s approach to testing as infection rates

Coronavirus COVID-19 Opinion

Q&A chat with Dr John Campbell

Dr John Campell has held daily updates on the Coronavirus COVID-19 on his Youtube channel and he is in our opinion the best person to

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Coronavirus: Should I self-isolate and how do I do it?

self-isolation So, what do you need to know about self-isolation and how to do it? Do I need to self-isolate? You may need to isolate

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Basic questions about the coronavirus, answered

There’s still a lot we don’t know about the novel coronavirus, officially called Covid-19, and scientists around the world are racing to gather data and


How dangerous is the new coronavirus Covid-19?

The fast spread of a new coronavirus in China has prompted global alarm, with neighbouring states closing their borders, global airlines suspending flights and some


Is The Coronavirus Now Unstoppable?

Peak Prosperity over on youtube is aking the question Is The Coronavirus Now Unstoppable? Have a look at his video below.   Subscribe To Peak